Sue Burcham is the Communities Chaplain for the ELC. Sue works 3 days a week and is available for any Pastoral need families or individuals may have. It is the intention of the Board and senior staff to minister to and care for whole families, not just the pre-schoolers we care for each day.

Sue also supports the staff of the ELC with Pastoral Care. Part of her role is to strengthen the link between the Church and the ELC and as such to assist with the organisation and delivery of social family friendly events during the year and encourage inter-generational activities, building a sense of community.

Sue comes from a background of health and community services, primarily working in the Aged and Disability sector for 20 years, prior to taking up the position as Chaplain. She also has a range of experience supporting people facing mental health, welfare, relationship, alcohol and illicit drug issues and dealing with government departments. As such Sue is continuously developing a resource listing of relevant agencies and specialist programs she can suggest or refer to, for those who seek assistance.

Another arm of Sue’s role is to recruit, train and supervise volunteers who can assist in the ELC.

If you are interested in contacting Sue, please email