Canning Bridge Early Learning Centre will strive to serve all families in the community by providing a loving and caring environment within which children will receive a high level of education. We will endeavour to create a community environment that provides a sense of belonging and enables children and their families to feel safe, secure and supported.

Our Centre provides an educational program that is both stimulating and age-appropriate. Our aim is to assist in the children in their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and spiritual growth within a Christ-centred environment. Learning through play, we cater for each child’s individual development. Activities will generally reflect the current interests of the children and their families.

Our educational play-based programs assist each child to build and develop:

  • confidence, curiosity and imagination
  • a sense of independence and self-esteem
  • the ability to share and handle disappointment
  • their response to discipline and the respect of authority.
  • respect for themselves and others
  • friendly and caring behaviour
  • their emotional, spiritual and physical potential
  • their ability to foster and reinforce self-control and learn an understanding and appreciation of the rights and feelings of other people

The programs will be tailored to enable each child to develop at their own individual rate with guidance and support by all educators.

Our programs reflect our appreciation of Australia’s multicultural society, enhancing the children’s awareness of and respect for, cultural and religious differences and similarities. Our programs are designed to help your child in developing all areas for success now and in later years and to begin to equip them with the necessary tools to deal with life.

We endeavour to create a “family-like” atmosphere and recognise the importance of creating a link between home and the Centre, where parents and educators work in partnership to develop the child in a holistic manner in a mutually supportive and caring environment. Children and parents are welcomed into the Centre regardless of cultural, religious and family beliefs. Note that being a Christian organisation, there may be some activities and themes (such as Halloween), which we will not engage in despite them being accepted by the wider community and other religious groups.