Carly Allen

Acting Director




Carly is a capable and confident individual who has over 20 years experience in early childcare, and over 10 years in senior management and leadership. She also has a strong interest in special needs and behaviour management. Carly is a woman of strong personal faith who strives to offer families high quality care as a reflection of God’s love in our community. Carly possesses a great love for children, families and staff which is seen through her dedication to seeing our centre flourish. 


Shelby O’Reilly

Communities Chaplain



Hi, I’m Shelby. I am your Chaplain here at Canning Bridge Early Learning Centre.

I offer holistic support to our community – including social, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. We all go through tough times in life. When those times hit, it’s my role to offer a safe environment to listen without judgement, offer guidance where helpful, practical support when possible, and connect you with further resources when needed.

You can refer yourself or a friend to our chaplaincy services. Simply fill out a referral form, or email Shelby directly at

Administation Team

Brooke                                Pfeiffer

Our Educators

Our commitment to fostering a nurturing environment is embodied by our team of diverse, qualified, and dedicated educators. With a passion for shaping young minds, our staff brings a wealth of expertise and cultural richness to create an inclusive learning experience. We would love to provide your child with the best foundation for success, where diversity meets dedication, and qualifications meet a love for teaching.